Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got friend, Not alone.

i walk a lonely road
alone? am i? no. i still got Allah in my life :')
still got family, friends.
yeah im not alone bebeh

but sometimes i being alone when there is no one here beside me.
but now, my friends all around me 
and also apreciatting them much.
especially my old bestfriend, era. now, we're like no longer closer but we still friends kan? 
yeah i miss you so much. i remember time when we spent so much time together hahaha
especially when the time we're at grand old lady up there in the middle of the night.
we were so young tht time.
now we all grown up. being matured, not a kid anymore.
and also my bestiemate, neeza. yeah aku tauk kau slu mrh aku. tapi iboh iso k. ko tetap kawan aku :')
and aku rindu kau lalew lalew nok crazy crazy ya hahaha i wish i could spent time with you gk ;)

mereka lah sahabat ku yang memahami aku selama ini :')
thank you :D

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