Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love Story

i dont know what to say anymore cause i love you :)
y u so cute? muahahaha i like u in the first place.
i know who i am im just an ordinary kid.
im just gonna let my heart close that not to telling you on the earliest.

on the first day i met you, for me you're just a friend of mine.
hahahaha yeaaa i know its sucks. first hangout with you on that day in 2010.
i still remember those moment. im not really that your friend i mean, friend cmya jak. 
then we jalan here there here there my eyes just cant stop looking at you and i just dont know why.
dinner at mcd, you was infront of me. your friends keep teasing you. hahahaha.
i didnt eat on that time, i just looking at you eating lol. and your hands are shaking infront of me.
so i laugh hahahahaha funny do x) 
then we were standing and wait for the time to go back home.
you said you want to take a picture with me, uhhhh sorry -,- for what? im so embarrasing =''=
hahahahahaha ambik jak la like u said pakai kenangan hahahahaha lol. 
on that picture, you hugging me. i feel like, WOW that was my first sight on you, ♥.♥ and wth r u hugging me? lol. he's hot anyway hahahahahahahhahahaa -_____-'

then we're starting to chatting each other tiap malam hahahaha aher lalu sampai tumbuh jerawat =.='
getting know know and know hahahaha. 
so i decided to make some my birthday party at the Esplened Beach :D
and invited only them ahahahaha dude so fun fun! :D
it was sooo fun playing with the cake all over hahahaha tikam cake sana sini.
that was really awesome moment on my birthday and i really apriciate had a friends like them! :)

look at them, they're soooo adorable 
and then i was starting to like him -______- and dont know whyyyyy i keep on waitingggg.
waiting waiting waiting like an idiot. hahahaha its okay and im deal with it :D

a few weeks later, school is almost started so he starting to ignoring me and i felt soooosad.
but its okayy and i still waiting like an idiot bahahhaha idiot kan me wooohoooh! :(

so then, 
it was New Year Eve 2010. that night im soo moody and sad, dont remember why im so moody.
me, dad, and my lil brother were just celebrating at Mcd's Permy there in the midnight.
then then then, i saw him hahahahahahahahaha so tekejut why he was there too.
he text me that, "we were celebrating in the same time and in the same place ;)"
awww goshhhhh :))))) started to smile at that time hahahahhahaha.
the fireworks done, then i just tell him about my feelings. so he aok ajak anyway -,-' hmmm sokay :D

i waited for him for a months, like 5 months and i got cool patient on that time ;)
ahahaha funny kan? wait for 5 months? cant you imagine it? LOL. 

he was proposing meeeee hahahahahaha gila im so happy :))))
finally he's mine :3 i hope he can be a better person for me.
i love him soooo much hahahahahahahha :D :D 

wowowowowowow cant tell anymore, look im so happy hahahahahaha :)
i wish he could be mine forever. does forever exists? :)



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