Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raya Almost Here.

hello readers!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! just for one week -___-'
and also...........
im here to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
woooohoooooooooooooooo so fun fun fun ^^
but the thing is i dont know when is raya. let see baby bulan whether its is tomorrow, or the next day, next next day. i dont know lah hahahah. so whutttt.

for the first time, my puasa is full! except when im on period laaa. 
he gave me a spirit and not to break my fast. he told me that sooo not cool :)
so until here, i didnt break it. sooo kewllll hehehe :D

hmmm what i wanna do for raya hoo. firstday ofcourse la bermaaf-maafan with our parents.
that's important ;) and then we makan makan woohooo cant wait for makan makan a lot especially the food like lemang, pulut. ahhhh so yumyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 
unfortunately, my mouth is ulcer. ahh fuck it. really hurts when eat something. especially biscuit! 
how can i eat Almond London like that? 
sosaddddddddddddd :(

but i think raya just for a days. school holidays are not longer enough. aaawwwhh mannnn so boring.
apa boleh buat. go to hell jak lah. eh i mean, go to school jak lah muahaha!

and so that's all from me! i miss my boyfriend a lot ughh.
this one awwhhh now i can see him everyday!:)
by oooo by im sorry about that friday night. because im about to leaving you.
i just make a really stupid decisions. i promise i'll never gonna do it again :)

i love you sweetheart! 

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