Thursday, August 25, 2011


everyday, every hours, every minutes, every seconds 
and spent my whole times to think about you.
I just dont know why. 
you just forever stucked in my mind. 
i tried to erase you from my mind but i cant.
i just cant. weird heh. 
how come i loving you so much. 
my love for you is bigger 
like i love my own parents
i cant believe i have found someone like you
someone that really perfect on my type
we had been together for 3 months. 

and so..
we had through many trials
arguing a lot with you. mad on you a lot.
because not all lovers are live peaceful together. 
that means we all not perfect. we all make a mistakes
but i just.. i just afraid if you leave me or hate me
yes i always get angry on you. doesnt mean i hate you
but i care for you and i get jealous easily
and i hate when you make me feel uncomfortable
but your choice
i dont force you to do anything. janji you happy  
i just love to see you're happy 
im sorry if i always make you sad, cry and misery.
despicable me
but look
you still got me right now. 
our relationship will be last longer
what we need is trust and hapiness :)

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