Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To be continued...

Weeee! Lamak dah sik blogging. :)
Miss blogging but actually its useless anyway.
People outsiders could read our blog or our privacy life.

Well im bored so just blog jak lah bowink!
This month is Ramadhan month that all muslims were fasting.
I could full fasting this year, FOR THE FIRST TIME -.-'
maybe laaaa hoho.
now me x puasa, as usual like all girls did. maybe tomorrow start puasa.
alhamdulillah :D

this week is exam week oh meyyyyy goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hows this.
i didt study for a week. heh just sleep makan sleep makan jalan hehh
teyya wht are you. wht had you become now?

so whut i dont care tehehehehe! :D

right now, i just cant wait for raya woooohoooo 
buy new baju kurung, buy some funitures, making some biscuits, buy some shoes/flats/heels, make up some hairs awhhhhh i feel like im fabulous. deh nakpaka? being bitchy again and again.
sooooo cant wait lahhhhhh hehehehe 

the end

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