Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gun n' Roses

the holiday is almost end.

oh gosh. im here to update something that is really really sounds stupid
oh here it goes.

Sunday Evening, im going out with him. there is his friend too. just one little friend. teehee.
dont wanna bring a lot of people, kinda kacau -.-' 
then, i sik biasa ride some bike, he keep bullying me and cant stop looking at me. 
crazy people like that bhahaha. *hugs.
since 5th May.

So we were going to the beach on that sunday. wow so fun fun and excited! teehee x)
you know how excited hangout with someone that you really love at the beach and watching the sunset together ;) i dont know why i feel so excited that day. 

until one night, there is a stupid problem came on.
someone say that, he has forgotten his friend because of me. but why? am i ruin your friends?
oh please i hate it when it happens. i dont want to ruin your life :( i just want to make you happy.
but your friends told me that you just forgotten them. i know your not. 
so i decided to breaking up with you. your friends really really needs you.
i know its really sad to break up with you, but its the right thing to do. 
i just cant stop crying. mom said its just a small matters, people has those jealousy feelings.
im trying to chill myself on that night. i know he was really sad. its the only thing i do ;'(
but i still love him :'D

on the next day, waking him up on 11 am.
sound like baruk bangun tido so adorale teehee. i told him that im sorry for the break up.
it was fake break up and i never wanted to leave him just like that. maybe that its just a dugaan for us.
i have to stay strong, not weak. he is just my only one i got. and i dont want to be a whore mala tuka gerek.
maybe he's the last one for me. last sunday was really excited that i cant forget about you. 
and it was 6 . 6 . 2011. dah sebulan we were together. woohoo sakai baruk jak sebulah bahaha. 

Happy Monthsary to Us! 

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