Monday, May 30, 2011

Forever Boring

Its monday.
im sick since yesterday, flu, fever, sakit tekak hahaha.
just sitting at home all day ne ndak. please bring me somewhere lahhh :[
i know la im not a rich people like people out there go vacation :(

yesterday at 5.17pm. getting high with uncook curry maggi. fuck high hehehehe.
then get some cold water. dahlah sakit masa ya. makin sakit dipolah.
what shud i care. im extremely bored and nothing to do.
a few minutes, ohhhh damn high gila. sik abis mee ya. hohohoho. sik tahan.
tears drop ajak ajak. sooo hottt. drink a bottle of mineral 1.5 litter.
A BOTTLED OF 1.5 LITTER. non stop go toilet and pee-ing.

then get some rest. i feel hot hot hot then got fever. not bieber fever ok please bitch.
i normal fever. get some medicine? malas. i really malas eat some medicine.
no use. klk2 bait juak :) hehehehehehe. better lagik if i sakit :') ehhh salah. haha.
cross the line oredyy. -______-

oh yea, yesterday is papa birthday :') oh dad. sorry xda wish marek. very malas marek. =(
dad, i love you. kiki always love papa :)))) even papa ganas suka marah sana sini.
but u never cross the line on your mad. but mom did -____- i love daddy more :')
but now, sik tiap2 hari tgk papa. we seperated kan pa. i wish i could live you.
i want like old things. live with papa is awesome. but now, not every minute jak jumpa papa :(
hope you always be healthy and happy pa :) im your only princess always love his dad :))

ahhh you! bila gk mok balit you my boy? i miss you so much. sampe sakit tau i kat sitok.
hahahahahaha kidding :P you have so much fun there and i always pray that you okay there. :')
i miss you sooo damn muchhhhhhh =( its okay. i'll wait until you come back, dear

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